Every eternity, an event occurs which is called "The Conjunction of the Million Spheres". This is a time of paradox, when interplanar travel is easier than ever before or after. Old laws are broken and new ones are forged. The nature of space and time are changed. Another Cycle of Events begins. After another eternity, another Conjunction takes place, and so on.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Of all the worlds in all the realms in all the multiverse...

A world by any other name...

Arth, Aarth, Aerth, Airth, Aorth, Aurth, Ayrth, Erth, Earth, Eerth, Eirth, Eorth, Eurth, Eyrth,
Irth, Iarth, Ierth, Iirth, Iorth, Iurth, Iyrth, Orth, Oarth, Oerth, Oirth, Oorth, Ourth, Oyrth,
Urth, Uarth, Uerth, Uirth, Uorth, Uurth, Uyrth, Yrth, Yarth, Yerth, Yirth, Yorth, Yurth, Yyrth

...can be adventured in just as freely.

Play on.